☆ Coping with Covid

Thanks to classmate, Sandy Anglin Phillips, for this graphic.

Post your photos, showing how you and those around you are finding fun/creative ways to cope with the Covid-19 Pandemic. You may find that just taking a few positive photos can help alleviate the isolation and strain of Social Distancing. 

Note: Below is a slideshow of all contributions, in random order.




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Janice Blanchard Rosson
6 Photos  5/21/20
Chris Bowers
3 Photos  5/8/20
William Copeland
10 Photos  5/20/20
Gary Durday
1 Photo  4/14/20
Gloria M Flores Whitley
15 Photos  4/26/20
Tom Huffman
1 Photo  4/5/20
Diana Jacobson Acosta
1 Photo  4/10/20
Wayne Kaplan
37 Photos  5/26/20
Patrick Lombardi
14 Photos  4/6/20
Janis Pugh Jacobs
1 Photo  4/12/20
Tad Reynales
3 Photos  4/7/20
Robin Ritter
2 Photos  4/5/20
Margo Sowell Dobbs
4 Photos  4/26/20
Millie The Ewe *School Mascot*
3 Photos  4/5/20
Jan Wagner Kirner
1 Photo  4/11/20