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•   Randall Drabman  9/30
•   Howard Cunningham  9/11
•   Thomas M Bauguess  8/4
•   Jack Marinello  7/30
•   Stephen Wall  6/16
•   Fern Kendall (Soderstrom (69))  6/16
•   Eddy Torriente  6/15
•   Laine Malmquist  5/14
•   Susan Lynn Walker (Vara – First Marriage /Froehlich – Now)  3/24
•   Sue Massaro (Konoske)  2/27
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Our Ongoing Reunion
For Millikan’s Class of 1968

Slideshow of Friday's Roving Photographer...
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1968 Student Directory - Click Here!

Love those oldies? Classmate, John Foutris, found a cool oldies station, KSURF 1260 AM radio. You can listen via their webcast, while browsing our website. To listen, click here: KSURF 1260

Our Younger Selves...



Our "virtual reunion" (this website) will be
live for at least 5 more years!

Thanks to generous donations, we have paid to keep the website up and running—and ad-free—until at least February 2024! It will keep us all connected, and can serve as a base for building a 55-Year Reunion.

One important function of this website will be to keep all classmate contact information current.

For that... we need your help. If you move or have any changes to your mail, email or phone number, make sure to Edit Contact Info (found on the left-hand navigation panel. Click on that link, at any time, and you can keep your contact information current.

Also, you can add or edit your personal profile--including adding recent photos--at any time. Just click on Edit Profile (also on the left-hand navigation panel).

Thanks... Your Reunion Committee.



We would like to acknowledge the following classmates
who donated towards both the reunion and website:

EB Adair Ron Lockwood
Brant Beddow Robin (Davilla) Long
Frances Chadwick Mark McKee
Howard Cunningham  
Margo (Sowell) Dobbs Scott & Ellen (Sanning) Noble
Jill Epson Sandy (Hooven) Peters
Dale Futoran Jim Pinola
Bob Garrett Marlene (Ocon) Towns
Myra Lynne (Hart) Grace Tad Reynales
Toni (Rice) Groetsch Mary Elizabeth (Schofield) Nowee
Roger Hassenpflug Greg Sampson
Rick Hicks Kat (Shultz) Siegfried
Sharon (Larkin) Hicks Linda (Sylvester) Franklin
Jill (Rivett) Humphrey Anne (Nancy Honsberger) Thomas
Janis (Pugh) Jacobs Jan (Wagner) Kirner
Wayne Kaplan Bob Webster
Tom Lighthipe Pam (Day) Winters


Thanks to all that helped... and all who Attended
It was a Truly Great Reunion!
Your Reunion Committee


You can still donate, to build towards a future Reunion:

To Donate via check:

c/o Jill Rivett Humphrey
Millikan High School Reunion Class of 1968
3902 Monogram Ave
Long Beach, CA 90808

To donate via PayPal Account or Credit/Debit Card, click the Donate Button, just below:

Rock on, Class of 68!

While the Reunion has ended, thoughts are already turning to the next one!

The Reunion was a huge success, thanks to the efforts of all the Reunion Committee Members, and support from some other classmates. We saw many many happy faces, at the events. Photos are already appearing here and on Facebook. The Emerors sounded Great. All signs of a great Reunion!

 Click Here to see and hear The Emperors


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We also have an active group page on Facebook. You can Click Here to go to it. Classmates are still actively posting there.

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We have added a new gallery of photos that are from the Aries Yearbooks.
These have been collected, mostly by Patrick Lombardi, who deserves a hearty thanks for his efforts.