|► Your First 45 Record?

Happy 70th birthday to the 7-inch vinyl: Alan Cross - National |  Globalnews.caOn classmate, Gaylen Prather's, In Memory page, his sister noted that the first 45-rpm record he ever bought. was Take Five by Dave Brubek. That was exceedingly avant-garde for a teenager in the 60’s.

It got us thinking about our own first 45. We asked a few others, and the answers were fun and interesting. So… why not survey the entire class? And so… here ya go!

Click here for some interesting history of My Friend the Witch Doctor. (Can you sing it, still?)

As you all add your responses, we will add as many
as we can to our own 45’s YouTube Playlist:

Click Here to listen.


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1)   Title of the 45 record that you owned?

2)   Recorded by?

3)   About how old were you?

  Younger than 12
4)   Any interesting memories about it?

5)   While we’re talkin’ music… What is your theory for why so many current pop singers sound like 12-year-olds, sitting in a closet, with a flashlight under their chin, singing to their cat? Best theory wins a prize at the reunion.