|► Remember Dittos?

Tad Reynales recently found a fun video that may bring back fond memories. It's about mimeograph and ditto machines. It is a fun bit of history about the two similar but separate devices…

The part where most of you probably found yourself nodding in nostalgic agreement, was mention of the memorable smell of the ditto paper. It made taking a pop quiz less onerous when you had an opportunity to first inhale the great aroma from a freshly printed ditto sheet.

But... but... as memorable as it was supposed to be, I cannot recall, precisely, what it smelled like. I performed extensive research, on Google, after I saw the video; to see if anyone actually described the fragrance. I could not find a single reference that attempted to describe what it smelled like. I know the odor was caused by the alcohol base of the ditto ink, and I recall it was a very fresh scent. But what it actually smelled like... I don' know.

So, friends, that is your task... if you choose to accept it: Provide a short description of what fresh ditto paper smelled like. It doesn't have to be accurate... just memorable. The best description will win a prize. I don't know what it will be, yet, but I assure you it will be totally boss!

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1)   What did fresh ditto copies smell like?